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Are you looking village life essay if yes, then you are right place. This article is specially for you. Read essay on village life. The real is a village life. The people who live in lages, know this fact. It is simple and pure. It is quiet and peaceful. There are no hurries and worries of city life. Villagers enjoy the beauties of nature. Beautiful natural scenes are the greatest charm of village life.

There Nature is always in full swing. The track growth of trees looks very beautiful. There is greenery everywhere. The green plants, vast meadows, flowery bushes make the village life a great blessing. The fields with growing crops present a beautiful sight. There are comfortable and shady places under the trees. The villagers sit under these trees and enjoy their different activities.

The villagers like the fairs very much. Every year a fair is held in a village every year. The villagers stop their work and take part in the games and events of the fair. The young men compete with one another and the old enjoy their games. Many other playful activities also go on. Clever trick and feats are performed in turn. There are competitions of dancing and beating the drums. There games and activities are a source of happiness for the villagers. They enjoy them fully.

Usually, the villagers are innocent, honest and truth loving. They have no worries and lead a contented life. They are very hard working people. They are always found doing one thing or the other. They are healthy and active, They are simple in their habits and serious in their manners. They have some defects and moral weaknesses but their merits are greater. In short, village life is an ideal life.

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