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My School Essay


If you are looking essay on my school. If yes, then you are right place. I have written this article specially for you in sample or short my school essay. Let’s read my school essay.

A school is a place where we learn how to read and write. I study in the Government High School. It is situated in the city. It has a  grand building. It has rooms, one hall, one agricultural room, and a good office. The rooms are decorated with maps and charts. All the rooms are airy.

My School Essay

It was built in 1950. It is whitewashed every year. The school has a well-equipped science room and a good library. There are more than boys on roll. There are only 24 teachers in my school. All of them, are trained. A headmaster is an able man.

The teacher is hard-working. They never beat the boys. The teacher love students like own Sons. My school has a big playground. Cricket, football, hockey, and volleyball are played here. We play in the afternoon here.

Thank you for reading, I hope, you enjoy the my school essay.

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