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My Hobby Essay on Stamp Collecting

If you are looking my hobby essay on stamp collecting then this essay is for you A hobby is an activity or occupation carried out in one’s spare time for amusement or relaxation. Different people have different hobbies.

There are many kinds of hobbies such as collecting stamps, writing or reading stories, painting, music and picking up coins.

My hobby is stamp collecting. I collect stamps of various countries and affix them in my beautiful stamp album. Stamp collecting is an expensive hobby but my father has increased my pocket money to buy the stamps of different countries.

A stamp gives much information about the countries. It gives us the information of the people, countries civilization, and provides information about the development of various countries.

I have got many penfriends in the different parts of the world who send me stamps of their own country and I send them stamps of my country, therefore, we exchange stamps with each other. In this way, I collect stamps of many countries easily. I collect much information through this hobby. Stamp collecting is not only a hobby but it provides me the vast knowledge of different countries too.

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