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My Hobby Essay on Cricket

If you are looking my hobby essay on cricket then this article is for you. My Hobby is cricket. Cricket is always interesting whether it is played at an international level or national level. Everybody is very interested in this game. Modern media has made this game more popular. At the school level, it is also liked and played.

A very interesting and very exciting cricket match played the other day between Islamia school and new model school on the ground of Islamia school.
The home team won the toss and went into bat.

Ali and Affan started the game. Ali played the first ball from Wasif. After 3 maidens over, Ali was caught in the slips, Imran joined Affan. The next two players did not contribute much. After some brick play on the part of the fifth and the sixth wicket, the telegraph showed 90 runs for 4. The whole side was dismissed 170. It was now lunchtime.

After the lunch, the play was resumed at 3 p.m. When the visitor opened their innings. The bowling of the home team was from little weak from the very start, and the players took advantage it, but luck seemed to be against them. Two of the best players in over-confidence played a bit loosely and were caught out. One was run out. This made the game a bit exciting. But the fourth and the fifth wickets between themselves carried the score to 70, but at last, when this useful partnership also came to an abrupt end. At this point, a rot set in, and wicket after wicket fell in quick succession.

The last pair was in, and there were some 40 more runs to make. It was very credible for these players to have raised the score to 140 by heroic efforts. The game, however, ended in favour of the home team by 20 runs.

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